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Embeo is an embedded systems software and hardware engineering company. We work heavily with TCP/IP systems, client/server design, security, encryption, connectivity, and multi-media systems. At Embeo, we develop largely with Rabbit Semiconductor CPUs. Take a look at our products to get an idea of what we have to offer or read more about us. Looking at Embeo for your upcoming project? Send us an email.

01 • Dec • 08

Rabbit SMB Network Storage Application Kit Released

Rabbit has released an application kit featuring SMB/CIFS network connectivity based on Embeo's ThinShare technology. The kit includes an RCM4010 RabbitCore module, a 250GB network hard drive (NAS), Dynamic C 10, and the ThinShare SMB Client library & samples. The NAS can be accessed by a PC or Rabbit and provides virtually limitless storage while opening up new design opportunities for the Rabbit platform!

Complete specs are listed in the Data Sheet.

You can find out more by going to Rabbit's Product Page.

You can read through the documentation here.

You can buy the SMB Network Storage App Kit in Rabbit's eStore.

27 • Jul • 05

ThinShare Released

3:45PM PST

Today marks the public announcement of Embeo's ThinShare suite! ThinShare is a complete SMB Suite. Check out ThinShare in in the Products section!

14 • Apr • 04

SMB Client Suite Update

6:00AM PST

We've been hard at work at Embeo Labs and the SMB Suite has been upgraded, the testing complete. It is time to announce our SMB Suite now officially supports Dynamic C 8! Also, we've finished testing with Windows 2000 Server. The list of known/tested compatible SMB providers is: Windows 9x/ME/NT4/2K/XP/2K Server, and SAMBA2.x/SAMBA3.x under Linux.

19 • Aug • 03

Products updated

6:00AM PST

Check out the Products section where we've updated several product descriptions. We've been hard at work on our software libraries here at Embeo and now the product page reflects the recent revisions and features we've added!